Closed for WPPI

Studio is closed from Feb 4th to Feb 10th. I am headed to the ever moving, never boring world of Las Vegas, Nevada for the annual Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention. Last year this convention saw over 17,000 photographer that spend the entire week learning, networking, teaching, relaxing and just simply enjoying themselves at the MGM Grand. This year we move into the Las Vegas Convention Center and my expectations are high!! 

Conventions like these bring life back to a photographer like myself. During the next week I will sit and listen to photo critiques from some of the top photographers in the world! The learning that I will receive from this event alone will be outstanding. I was able to do this last year as well and everything I heard was written down as a note for ways to improve my own work throughout the rest of the year.  These judges do not hold back, and it's a very competitive state of mind which encourages me to always strive to "up my game" and I hope that this years judging produces that for me as well. Sometimes as a photographer, as well as any creative occupation, we can feel stuck in a rut, and lighting a fire under our creative beings is just what we need to start producing even more amazing art. 

Also at these conventions I will have the ability to network with so many individuals in my area. This is needed for so many different reasons, from new vendors with new products that I can offer to you, to other speaking engagements and publications. This year for the first time I will be speaking, which is another blog post all together I'm sure. I've been blessed at how amazing the last 18 months has been and moving into the world of public speaking, on this topic of photography that I love so much, is exciting and scary all at the same time. Meeting with other speakers and teachers will offer me an insight that I might not be able to acquire if I just stayed home. 

Finally, this convention will offer teaching and learning from amazing photographers that I respect to the utmost degree. In any career field I do not believe that you are ever past the point of learning, and photography is certainly no different. Cameras, programs, software, equipment and styles change and grow so fast. This event will help teach me what is the top of our field today, and what kind of progress we are looking at in the most immediate future. I will learn how to create an even better portrait, learn better lighting options and more. This knowledge is something that I can bring back home to my studio, to increase the quality of my work, which in turn helps me produce the best work I can for my clients. 

I am so excited for this opportunity, and although I will be in the world of gambling and parties, I will take every opportunity to learn over gambling. Photography is my life, my passion, my job. I can't wait to learn and to bring it all back home. If you are interested in following along with my journey next week, follow my instagram at ... I try to post a few times a day.  You won't regret it... I promise!