A little dream of my own

This path that I am on is one that requires some originality, some ability to be crafty and a keen sense of vision and purpose. This week I took on a project that captured all of that through a long process and I'm super happy to share that process with you! 

Earlier this week I spent about 4 hours putting together a beautiful tulle dress, that was hand stitched, each individual piece, and there are layers upon layers to this. I also hand cut each layer so that everything lays the way I want it too. Then the next day I painted a backdrop to match, but also a backdrop that I can use later. This backdrop took around 5 or 6 hours to paint, as I had to put a layer down, wait for it to dry, and then add the other layers, for a total of 5 layers.  Then finally it all came together for today's 2 hour session where we captured this final portrait. 

Now that the session is done, there will be another 6-8 hours to edit the full gallery of finished portraits for this beautiful princesses mom and dad to preview and another hour long session after that for print ordering. Totally worth every penny, every hour, every moment of putting this set together. But for 1 finished portrait like this I will have spent almost 20 hours, and money spent to finish this! 

Did you know that this many hours went into creating a beautiful fine art piece like this? Now you know .... I'll be sharing a similar breakdown for a newborn session in the very near future. If you wondered what your photographer does to bring you the best possible portrait, worry no more!